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There are five categories of membership subdivided into Individual and Corporate. The Individual category is further subdivided into the five classes:
a) Full Members: These are persons with a minimum bachelors degree in economics and related disciplines (Development studies, Finance, Statistics, Administration, Political science, Banking and Mathematics).
b) Associate Members: These are individuals with interest in the activities of the Association, but have qualifications other than economics or related disciplines.
c) Executive Members: These are individuals in positions of leadership in industry and governance.
d) Student Members: These are individual currently undertaking studies in any field and are interested in the activities of the Association.
e) Fellows: These are distinguished individuals with outstanding accomplishments in academia, industry and economics.
2. Corporate membership: All registered companies are eligible in this category.

Category Non Refundable APPLICATION FEE Annual Subscription  New Applicant
I). INDIVIDUAL                                                       
      Full member 150.00      500.00               650.00
     Associate member 150.00 300.00              450.00
     Executive member 150.00 1500.00             1650.00
     Fellow 150.00 1500.00             1650.00
     Student member 30.00 100.00             130.00
   Higher learning Inst. 150.00 2000.00           2,150.00
   Small & Medium Ent. 150.00 5000.00   5,150.00    
    Large company 150.00 5000.00          5,150.00

Note: that you become a member of EAZ upon payment of your subscription fee. Looking forward to receiving your membership application. Payment details:

  1. Payment is be made by cheque or cash to the Secretariat. Bank transfers or direct deposits should be done with ZANACO, Account Name: Economics Association of Zambia, Number: 0002030300128, Kwacha branch. Kindly email a copy of the deposit slip.
  2. Members must fill in all the details in the membership form and provide one (1) passport size photo and detailed Curriculum vitae in soft copy format.

Download the EAZ membership form below.

Individual Membership Form

EAZ Corporate Membership form