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Originally established in the 1960s as the Lusaka Economics Club, the Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) is a non-partisan body whose membership includes professionals in the areas of economics, development studies, business administration and allied fields. In 1985, the Association was registered as a non-governmental organization (under the Societies Act, Chapter 105). In ….., the Association was transformed into a Company Limited by Guarantee and was thus registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 388 of the Laws of Zambia.

EAZ operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee, and therefore its operations are regulated and guided by the Patents and Company Registration Act. The Association is governed by the Board of Directors whose members are directly elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The composition, powers and functions of the different organs of EAZ are stipulated in the Articles of Association.

The mandate and scope of operations of EAZ are stated in the Articles of Association. They revolve around providing a platform for various stakeholders to discuss topical issues affecting the Zambian economy. Specifically, Section 2 of the Articles of Association states as follows:


  1. To promote and sustain research interest in the discipline of Economics and other related disciplines;
  2. To promote high standards of professional conduct in the economics discipline;
  3. To undertake professional interaction through conferences, forums, workshops and seminars’ in order to promote regular discussions of theoretical and practical issues relating to the discipline;
  4. To publish and disseminate economic literature and other publications of a related nature;
  5. To participate in the sound development of national, regional and international economic and related policies;
  6. To contribute to the socio-economic development of Zambia and the world at large through:
    1. The establishment of active and strong networks among similar Professional associations and individuals;
    2. Regular exchange of experiences, ideas and research results in order to promote coordinated solutions to national, regional and international problems; and,
    3. Convening of regular conferences and seminars on emerging issues and challenges.
  7. To undertake consultancy work to ensure the financial sustainability of the Association;
  8. To invest in viable business ventures as well as undertake fund raising activities from local and international sources;
  9. To initiate and arrange demand-driven training programmes in economics for the benefit of the membership and the society at large;


To do all such acts as are necessary to foster socio-economic development in Zambia and the world at large.