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LAST week, President Lungu launched the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP), which is the country’s blueprint for development. The 7NDP will determine the course for development for Zambia for the next five years, up to 2021.

The 139-page document is imprinted with the aspirations and dreams of the 16 million Zambians.
The document had input from various stakeholders within Government, and is broad-based and all-encompassing.
The foreword to the document is written by President Lungu, himself. In it, he expresses his belief in the plan and confidence in the Zambian people to make it work.
“I am convinced that through our joint efforts during the next five years, we will be able to achieve the objectives of the 7NDP. I have confidence in Zambia’s ability to implement this Plan efficiently and effectively,” he writes.

Download the 7NDP Below:

Final 7NDP 07-06-17

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